Wednesday, August 8, 2007

August 8 update

It has been awhile since I update my blog. Everybody must be thinking if I have made money using KE.

The answer is I did not make alot of money only little. But I am determined to use KE to make more money. Using KE has allowed me to find several profitable niches.

One niche makes me $1.50 on adsense for only $0.10 spent! If my site is able to rank in the top 3 for this niche, I will be making alot of money! But I am not into SEO yet. So I will focus my effort on adsense arbitrage and affiliate marketing for the time being.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

23 July result

Adwords: $12
Adsense: $20
Profit $8

I noticed my adsense profit is quite constant. No luck for clickbank sales :<

My total adwords cost now is about $50 since I started a week ago. Total profit is about $35.

I still cannot hit the $100 a day profit. It is not as easy as it seems. I am "testing" more campaigns now to see which are profitable. Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Latest result

Well, here is the latest result.

20th July
Adwords: $10.26
Adsense: $17
Profit $6.70 only

I am getting about 200 clicks a day for the niche campaign but as you can see I only made $6.7 but not too bad.
I have some other campaigns running but most of them are not getting any clicks or have no impressions at all. I am wondering how content network works. Can anybody tell me why? I am going back to search network today and will use KE to find low competition niche keyword. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Using Content Network for test

Latest result, I did not make more money from clickbank sales for the same niche but the profit of $33 surely motivates me to do more. No wonder people say money makes the world spin!

I did make some money from adsense from another niche though.

Adwords spent: $0.56
Adsense: $1.90
Profit: $1.34

For a change, I set all my campaigns for content network instead of search network as I can get cheaper click -> only $0.02 cents per click.

One campaign has 8700 impressions but only 2 clicks.
Another has 2200 impressions but no clicks
The campaigns are targetted for very competitive niche.
But no sales!

No adsense earnings too!

I believed content network is slow in getting clicks but I will wait and see. Stay tune for more results.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

On My God!

Yes oh my god is the feeling I have now. I just made a sale selling a clickbank product.


Adwords spent: $2.40
Clickbank commission: $22 -> $35 (SG)
Profit: $32.60

I am not joking. This is really my clickbank sales record.

The profit is way better than adsense! Wow! I think I can hit $100 a day with KE.

Thanks KE!

Better result for second test

I did a second test yesterday using another niche and the result is more favourable. I still stick to Adwords for this test. I decided to go for less expensive keyword so I will pay less for Adwords click.

Adwords spent : $0.54
Adsense earnings: $1.80 -> $ 2.90 (singapore dollar)
Profit: $2.34
Adsense CTR is 66%!

Next, I created another adword group with more keywords including misspelled, with and without quotes and brackets for the same campaign. I hope to see better results.

I am also using KE to find thousands of keywords for another niche. This time I will use the keywords for selling a clickbank product.

Monday, July 9, 2007

First test

I bought Keyword Elite few days ago with the hope to make some money from Adsense using Adwords to drive visitor to my site.

Below is my test result:

I used project 1 to create 1000 keywords and project 2 to analyse them.

I found a keyword with 30,000 searches a month and I used that keyword to generate another 1000 keywords.

Then I started an adwords campaign using the 1000 keywords. I bid about $0.06 per click.

Next day, I was surprised to see that my adsense showed $3.20 .

The adsense conversion rate is 40%!

I checked my adwords campaign and it had cost me $4.30. So I actually made a lost of $1.10 .
My ad was showing up at an average of 5th position.

The keyword that I am using is not an expensive keyword. It is just $0.50 per click for adword advertiser.

My next task is to find expensive keyword using KE and use other cheap pay per click advertiser (not adwords!) for the same test. Hopefully, I will not lose again.